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Elementary School

215 Heyward St

Brooklyn, NY



Middle School

11 Bartlett St

Brooklyn, NY



Beginning with Children Charter School 2



The BwCCS 2 academic program will empower its students to meet high academic standards throughout their education and embrace a set of core values that are essential to success in life. BwCCS 2’s graduates will be independent thinkers who are committed to succeeding in college preparatory programs and becoming active and engaged citizens in their communities. The Beginning with Children Foundation (BwCF) Alumni Program will support students’ success in high school, college and careers.


BwCCS 2 is a nurturing community that fosters a love of learning and the development of character for students in grades K-8. Our students achieve academic excellence and are prepared to succeed in top performing high schools and colleges. BwCCS 2 students develop and use G.R.I.T. (Good Judgment, Resilience, Integrity, and Teamwork) for personal and community improvement.​